Amazing production value

I’ve always loved audio drama, and it’s such a treat to find one that is well-produced. Everything works here, and it’s a joy to listen to.

Great Execution of A Fun Idea!

I enjoyed the first season of Pirateers! Short and sweet, I would have been happy to listen to episodes that were double the length of these, although they are a perfect length for the content of this season. I've listened to many similarly themed stories in the past, but I like the way this one came together and the ending was surprisingly emotional. I thought the humorous banter between the charcters was enjoyable, as was the score, and the sound design was nice and clean. I'm interested in where they take the characters in season two! Nicely done guys!

Amazing storytelling, top-rate production, and lots of fun!

The first season of "Pirateers" is stunningly good! The writing, storytelling, acting, music, and sound effects are outstanding. I also loved the sense of humor and carefully crafted jokes which will fly by if you don't pay attention. This is not only a smart show with a great message, but lots of fun for all ages. I CANNOT WAIT for more episodes!

Immersive and high quality storytelling!

Just listened to the first season of Pirateers and I’m hooked! Sound quality is professional, immersive and there’s obviously so much effort and passion put into the stories. Good writing shines through the witty dialogue and memorable characters. Episodes are short enough to be easily listened to, and the story thrives in the format. I often finished an episode thinking, “Whoa! Was that really only 5 minutes?” Pirateers is a well-crafted adventure for listeners of any age, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!