Dec. 1, 2020

Merry Holiday

Merry Holiday

"Merry Holiday" made its debut on live radio last year and is now available on podcast for the first time! This lighthearted Christian comedy will challenge your thinking as we follow a clerk of a retail store who must face the consequences of standing up to a controversial store policy.

Merry Holiday
Written and Directed by Alicia Hansen and Jonathan Cooke
Sound Design/Mix by Alicia Hansen
Audio Engineering by Jonathan Cooke

Duffy Weber as Chris
Tyler Jackson-Price as The Boss
Danielle Warren as The Store Customer
Chloe Dehnart as Rachel
Matthew Curtis as Bryan with a “Y”
Alicia Hansen as The Barista
Jonathan Cooke as The Stranger and Mall Santa
Kristen Cooke as The Co-worker

Mall Shoppers:
Jonathan Cooke
Samuel Cooke
William Cooke
Henry Dehnart
Joanie Dehnart
Katie Dehnart
Rigby Caleb Dehnart
Eric Hansen
Cassie Owsianiecki
Danielle Warren
Duffy Weber

Produced by Eternal Future Productions

© 2019 Eternal Future Productions. This original work cannot be used, sold, or distributed in any way without written consent from the producers.