Dec. 1, 2020

Merry Holiday

Merry Holiday

This lighthearted Christian comedy will challenge your thinking as we follow a clerk of a retail store who must face the consequences of standing up to a controversial store policy.

Merry Holiday
Written and Directed by Alicia Hansen and Jonathan Cooke
Sound Design/Mix by Alicia Hansen
Audio Engineering by Jonathan Cooke
Duffy Weber as Chris
Tyler Jackson-Price as The Boss
Danielle Warren as The Store Customer
Chloe Dehnart as Rachel
Matthew Curtis as Bryan with a “Y”
Alicia Hansen as The Barista
Jonathan Cooke as The Stranger and Mall Santa
Kristen Cooke as The Co-worker
Mall Shoppers:
Jonathan Cooke
Samuel Cooke
William Cooke
Henry Dehnart
Joanie Dehnart
Katie Dehnart
Rigby Caleb Dehnart
Eric Hansen
Cassie Owsianiecki
Danielle Warren
Duffy Weber

Produced by Eternal Future Productions

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