March 22, 2022

Katie Leigh Joins Pirateers!

Wow.... another dream come true! First working with Phil Lollar last week, and now the legendary Katie Leigh! Alicia listened to “Adventures in Odyssey” growing up, so to get the chance to work with Katie was a very special experience! We first saw her live at Sonic-Con but didn't actually get to meet her until the following year at the event, and it was worth the wait. She gives great hugs, and she wrote Alicia's son a happy birthday message when she bought one of Katie's "Connie Candles." She also gave Alicia her “Adventures in Odyssey” mask as a souvenir when they departed at the airport. As an audio drama producer herself now, it is such an honor for Alicia to have Katie be a part of Pirateers Season 3! We are working hard to get this very special season out, and we can’t wait to share it. So grateful to have connected with you, Katie!