Emerging writers and directors from Florida and California, Alicia Hansen and Jonathan Cooke founded Eternal Future Productions to create inspiring audio entertainment that will reach listeners of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While directing is her passion, Alicia has worked as a writer, voice actor, sound designer, and project coordinator for several years. Jonathan, driven by the challenge of bringing a wide range of characters to life, has been voice acting since 2005, and only recently began producing audio dramas with the founding of Eternal Future Productions. 

The company’s first show, Merry Holiday, debuted on the radio in December of 2019, and their series, Pirateers, gained recognition when it was nominated for Best New Show for the 2020 Seneca Awards.

With a brand that is both wholesome and uplifting, they hope to challenge and encourage listeners in ways that exceed general entertainment and remind you of your true purpose.